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Daisy Petals, Brownie Try-Its, Junior Badges, and Patches! The girls of Troop 1806, within their respective patrols, and also as a troop, have a tremendous selection of badges, patches and activities to choose from when planning their activities. For Troop 1806 girls in the 2010-2011 school year, these are represented by the Brownie Try-It Book and the Junior Badge Book. Troop 1806 Daises work on their petals, and also on activities that may or may not have patches and badges like their older Brownie and Junior sisters.

Troop 1806 Scouts can also work on “Council-Own” Brownie Try-Its and Junior Badges, as well as special Council activity patches. And if that’s not enough, girls can work on Brownie try-its, Junior badges and patches from other Girl Scout councils around the United States! Troop 1806 has created a detailed list of currently available try-its, badges and patches, grouped by subject, which can be viewed and downloaded here

Junior Girl Scouts can work on the coveted Bronze Award. The “old requirements,” good if completed by September 30, 2011, are here: Bronze Award Workbook.

girlsguideIn the fall of 2011, national GSUSA will retire the current Brownie Try-It book and the current Junior Badge book. A list of the Brownie try-its and Junior badges being definitely retired, appear below. The Brownie Try-It Book and the Junior Badge Book will be replaced by the long-awaited Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting. The Girl's Guide will be specific to program levels, and will feature new badges on many traditional and beloved topics from nature and art to cooking and first aid, as well as new topics based on girl interests. The Girl’s Guide is also expected to integrate the Journeys program (first introduced around 2007, see below) with the badge program.

Journeys: In addition to the traditional badge programs, a few years ago GSUSA rolled out a new program concept called “Journeys.” These are pre-packaged, goal-oriented programs. The program is usually administered with a Leader Book for each Journey, as well as optional Journey Book for each girl. The Journeys are grade-level specific, and can be done over the time frame the leaders and girls may select. Most of the patrols of Troop 1806 have elected not to use the Journeys this year, but instead concentrate on the traditional and rich badge and patch programs.

Journeys are the new foundation of what GSUSA calls the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. The Journeys are designed to provide opportunities for girls to work in teams, learn about topics of personal interest, and grow as they use a variety of leadership skills to complete challenges. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience supports girls as they discover their values, connect with others, and take action to make the world a better place through a series of fun activities for them to do, think about, and discuss.

Brownie materials, patches and Try-Its Being Retired: Brownie Handbook/Try-Its Set, Brownie Leaders Guide, Brownie Try-Its Book, Brownie Challenge Award, Brownie GS Through The Years, Brownie Staying Safe Patch, Brownie-Follow The Reader Patch, Brownie-In The Zone Patch, Brownie-Safety Award, Brownie Try-Its: Building Art; Citizen Near And Far; Computer Smarts,; Creative Composing; Listening To The Past; Me And My Shadow; People Of The World; Point, Click, Go; Space Explorer; and Wave The Flag.

Junior materials, patches and Badges Being Retired: Junior Badge & Sign Book, Junior Handbook/Badge Set, Junior Leader Book, Junior Challenge Necklace, Junior In The Zone Patch, Junior Reader Patch, Junior Safety Award, Junior Staying Safe Patch, Junior Patriotism, Junior Badges: Architecture; Business-Wise; Car Care; Collecting Hobbies; Computer Fun; Consumer Power; Cyber Girl Scout; Discovering Technology; Doing Hobbies; Do-It-Yourself; Environmental Health; Family Living Skills; Folk Arts; Food Fibers & Farming; Girl Scouting In My Future; Globe Trotting; Humans And Habitats; Ms. Fix-It; My Heritage; Now & Then: Stories; Oil Up Blue Sky; On My Way; Outdoors in the City; Ready for Tomorrow; Rocks Rock; Science in Action; Science in Everyday Life; Science Sleuth; Sport Sampler; Toymaker; Water Wonders; Weather Watch; Winter Sports; Women's Stories; World In My Community; Write All About It